Please read our full Terms of Services to make sure you are aware of all our policies, also feel free to contact us about any questions.

Upon approval you will be expected to pay a 50% non-refundable downpayment of the complete quote you were given when filing your commission quote form. Your commission will only be started when you are done paying the full amount and it is your turn in the queue. Color Carnage only accepts Paypal at the moment. All prices are given in USD as we order most materials from the US as well as most our clients being from the United States.


Shipping costs are not included in the price of any costume, they will be an additional charge. Shipping costs may vary and one should expect to pay an additional fee for insurance. Please keep in mind, Color Carnage retains rights to select shipping methods and carriers. Color Carnage is NOT responsible for any lost or damaged received product. Customs fees are the buyer's responsibility. Items shipped outside of Canada will be marked appropriately. I will not mark items as gifts. 

DTD (Duck Tape Dummy)

I require a well made DTD to ensure the fit of your suit.  I am not responsible for a suit that does not fit if you make your dtd incorrectly as they are essential to the creation process.  Please note that I will throw out DTD's after construction of your suit unless you pay for its return.  If a DTD is unusable I will request another one at your own cost.  Failure to send me a dtd on time will result in your project being pushed back as I can't follow through on my work if you don't follow through on your end. To ensure your DTD is made properly, please use strong duck tape and tape your whole body including feet and the hands up to your fingers, make sure it also reaches your neck.if you plan or think you're going to lose / gain any weight before your commission please wait to make your DTD until it is needed. It is important that the duct tape dummy is an accurate representation of your body, so when you get your suit, it fits. Please also retape the DTD where you cut it to get out.


Artistic Styling

Your fursuit will be made into my style of work, I will not replicate another fursuit maker’s style and will apply markings as seen on your reference sheet.

Changes Made to  Design

Once we settle on a design and payments, any changes made thereafter can and will affect the final price. I have the right to refuse changes case by case as it is unfair to other commissioners to have their commissions postponed due to the indecisiveness of another.  Please take time to finalize details and make sure you know what you want well in advance so this doesn't need to be considered.

Late payments

Occasionally a customer on a payment plan may find that they cannot get all of their payments in by the deadlines assigned to their order. If that is the case, contact me as soon as possible and I will work out a new deadline and payment plan with you. I understand that sometimes things happen in life that are beyond our control. However you will be pushed back behind the next project in line as I still need to get other projects done.


All suits have a 1 year warranty against construction defects.  I will need proper photo documentation of said defects and will handle these case by case.  I have the right to refuse repairs that I believe are to be due to poor costume care and general negligence. I am not responsible to repair your suit if you do not take care of it properly and or lend it out to someone else. Repairs do require that you pay for shipping both ways.  Please do not ship me items before clearing this by me and remember to wash any items you send my way or I will send them right back.


Keep in mind that your fursuit, partial or items will not last forever. Our bodies natural secretions will break down threads in so much time.  So repairs may be necessary or even replacements.  To best defend against your sweat please consider purchasing wicking undergarments to help prolong the life of your fursuit.  I suggest wearing a balaclava under your head and long sleeve wicking shirts and pants.  You can find them at most large sportwear chains or online.  Brands that you can look for these items are UnderArmour, RedHead, and Columbia to name a few.  Look into wicking heatgear when shopping as coldgear is meant to retain heat.  The benefit is the undergarments retain your sweat to a certain point and keeps your fursuit dryer because of the layers.  

Digigrade padding made with polyfil stuffing is not covered by warranty. This is due to the characteristics of polyfil and its tendency to compress and lose its loft in time due to normal use, just open up the pouch and fluff up the polyfill and it will look brand new.

Tails made with polyfil or foam decompress over time due to washing and general wear.  This is not covered by warranty as this is not considered construction defect.  

This is a sensitive matter,  however I must state that any modifications/alterations/repairs  done to the suit by someone other than myself will void your warranty with me.   


I reserve right to photograph and videotape suits on my chosen models to help with advertising.

Progress Updates

While I understand that you may be excited about receiving your commission, I will not give daily updates to each person on my queue. I will send updates as I get things done on your project and or ask you specific questions during its construction to make sure I get everything right. You as a client have the right to know the status of your project, but please keep your inquiries within reason. Excessive emails, messages, notes, pms, texts, calls or DM's asking where your project is at will be frowned upon.  Anything more is just too much for me to handle as I do everything from Customer Service, Repairs, Emails, Quotes, Ordering Supplies, and actual fursuit construction.  So in the end you do me more harm than good.  Just be sensible and understand this is a one person business.  Any extreme violations will not be tolerated.  

The initial 50% down payment as stated previously is not refundable, so making sure you are financially secure before commissioning is crucial. However part of what you have paid can be refunded, but if work has already been started it will affect how much can be refunded.


Liability Disclaimer

Please take care when wearing your fursuit.  I am not responsible for any bodily harm that you may incur while wearing your suit.  Please understand that wearing a fursuit will obstruct your vision and will create extreme bodily heat. Do take the usual precautions to drink plenty of water, take a break and remove your suit if you start to feel sick.  As wearing a full suit can cause you to overheat quite easily.  Just use your common sense. 

Completion and Deadlines
We do not take completion dates or deadlines we do not want to rush our work and provide you with a subpar product. Our queue is subject to change but is influenced by when suits are paid off, suits paid off will be pushed ahead of people who have yet to finish payments on our queue. Work will not start on a suit until it is paid off completely.

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