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100 Stickers



250 Stickers


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500 Stickers

 1000 Stickers


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is CC Stickers?

CC Stickers is Color Carnage’s new Sticker business. We aim to provide affordable, adorable art & sticker combo in wholesale amounts, custom to our community member’s characters! 



How does it work?

To get your own Fursona Stickers, click the contact button and send us your reference sheet, how many stickers you would like and let us know of any specific features you want (Holographic, Pose you’d like, etc). From the moment the payment is processed, just leave it to us and we will handle everything for you! We will provide you with concept art at the sketch and completion stage.


What size are the stickers?

By default, they are 3'' x 3''. But we can produce them in almost any size, just mention it while placing your order!

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free for North American orders, international orders ship at a flat 30$ USD.



Can I order more stickers of a design after receiving the first batch?

Yes! Just contact us at and let us know your character number (ex: 003, 015, 136,...) and how many more stickers you would like.



Can my stickers be holographic?

Absolutely! Our holographic stickers are available in 3 versions: Cracked Ice, Stars & Oil Slick.

However these 150% of the base price.



Can I get a smaller order than 100?

We are sorry to say that currently it’s not possible for us to complete smaller orders. Our aim is to produce wholesale stickers and we plan to stick to that for now!



How long will it take to receive my stickers?

The current wait time is unknown due to Covid-19, what we can say is that your sticker design will be created in max 2-3 weeks, but with the current situation, shipments of physical stickers are delayed. 



Can other people buy my stickers?

Not currently! But we want to provide stickers at a retail level in the future for people who want stickers of their friend’s character and plan to implement an opt-in program for this later down the line. Of course don’t be afraid, we will not sell stickers with your character on them unless given express permission.

Can I resell my stickers?

Your stickers are yours to do what you wish with, you may resell, give away or trade them as you please! However you may not print the art used for your stickers to redistribute for free or for profit as stickers or prints. If you'd like more stickers, just contact us and we will help get you restocked!


Our Retail Program

Coming soon! Will be opt-in and based on case-by-case customer permissions.



Our Ambassador Program

Have an audience and want to collaborate with us? Please contact us at with information about you and why/how you’d like to work with us! We’d be happy to sponsor furry content such as giveaways and youtube videos.

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