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Each head is carved by hand from scratch using lightweight & moisture-resistant foam. 

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Every edge is cuffed to create a comfortable, smooth edge and prevent fabric fraying.

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Heads, hands & feet are lined for comfort and durability, using sweat-wicking materials.


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Head, Tail, Hands, Feet.

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Padded Fullsuit


Full fursuit with any kind of padding; options are limitless. 

HOW to Commission



First is of course, the creation of your character, 
please have a 3-sided reference sheet ready for the application process.
If you do not have a character, we can help create one for you.


New contract openings happen a couple of times a year. We announce these openings through our social media and they last about a week. 
We can only make a few fursuits a year so we prioritize designs we especially enjoy or artistic freedom.  


When Applications close, emails will be sent out to let you know whether you were chosen. If you were, we will finalize details with you by email.
If you weren't, don't be afraid to try again next time we open.
Choosing between all these amazing characters is really hard! 

FRequently asked questions

Yes! We can make any species and are always eager to try new ones. This includes mythical and fandom-created creatures.

We no longer offer parts commissions, this is in order to focus on bigger projects. However there are plenty of makers out there who would love to take your commission!

No. Please plan ahead if you're looking for a fullsuit. Fabric dye lots change & we simply could not accommodate everyone who would want to upgrade.

We do! It's important to us that everyone have equal access to our work.

If you are commissioning a fullsuit, the answer is yes. Partial & head commissions do not require a DTD. 

Sorry, but we cannot do quotes at this time due to the sheer volume of interest. If you'd like a general idea, you can visit our ''Prices'' tab. If in doubt, we recommend saving extra!

Next OPening

Follow us online for more info on our next opening!

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